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Our Mission

Guyana’s Lite FM 104.1 is the alternative to the regular programming heard on radio in Guyana daily. Our concept of “Soft Relaxing Music” serves as a complement and can also be considered as “Music to Rewind With”. Our selections of music from all over the world also add to the variety of songs of Yesterday, Today & Forever.

Our music has been carefully selected so that everyone in the listening arena will hear something that generates a taste to their listening pleasure. Apart for the airing of the greatest artistes and their music, Lite FM will also be as informative with daily newscasts, call-in talk segments and general information and public announcements.

We have positioned ourselves to meet the challenges of radio broadcasting through our investment in the most modern and up to date broadcast equipment. This is coupled with our provision of live streaming on mobile devices and computers. Our task therefore is to be the best we can be, by providing our listeners with the true sounds of music of Yesterday, Today & Forever.



Lite FM’s founder and CEO is Franklin (Bobby) Vieira. Bobby’s radio broadcast career spans over forty years (40). He began his humble broadcast career through training stints at the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, and then moved on to formal Radio and Television Broadcasting, Production and Programing in the US.

His accomplishments include the establishment of the first highlighted FM station in Guyana – 98.1 Hot FM along with Mr. Fazil Azeez. He was also part of a group which started the weekend all night radio programming – Night Rider. He travelled each year over a twenty year span to host the Christmas Morning Radio show in Guyana.

Bobby also hosted the popular television series in the New York – The World and the Caribbean.

His desperation to own his own radio station in his native Guyana took almost two decades. However, he is satisfied that his dreams and expectations have finally come to fruition.

The choice of a Lite station was his idea, since most of the stations in Guyana, continues to use a general radio format. However, Bobby believes that each station serves a complement to each other, giving the listener an opportunity to choose their choice of listening at the appropriate time. He is also joyful about the lines (he created) that make Lite FM the reason for listening:

  • If your day is not going right – Just turn on the lite
  • Can’t fall asleep at night – Just turn on the lite
  • If a situation seems as though it may create a fight – Just move away and turn on the lite
  • You need a companion when you work late at night – Just turn on the lite
  • Need to keep up with information so you can be bright – Just keep listening to the lite.

Programming, IT, Operations & Traffic


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